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Water efficiency

Well we should really of posted this two months ago, little did we realise what a prolonged hot dry spell this would be. Is it too much to ask for sunny days and rainy nights!!

It’s fairly obvious that in our current weather, regular watering is essential for the well-being of nearly all plants, especially newly planted or potted plants.

With a hosepipe pipe ban imminent its really important to introduce techniques to not only water more efficiently but to also help the plants from losing water unnecessarily.

Timing can make a big difference, watering early in the morning or late in the evening when the conditions are cooler will reduce evaporation.

Frequency of watering, water heavily every few days rather than a more regular light spray which will only dampen the soil surface and not reach the roots where it is most needed.

Retaining the moisture. Once the soil is wet the best way to keep it wet is to mulch the surface. Mulching has several benefits, it keeps the soil cooler, helps to lock in moisture and keep the majority of weeds at bay which is also beneficial as weeds compete for the available moisture in the soil.

For potted plants in full sun and especially in windy situations you may need to water morning and evening. If potted plants are stressed from being in full sun then if possible consider moving to a more shady situation.


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