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Bamboo Comparison

Black bamboo

Phyllostachys nigra. Very fashionable - the black canes give great contrast with the green leaves. It grows at a similar rate and to a similar size (up to 5m) as the other varieties, albeit at a slightly slower rate. Not quite as dense as the other varieties, but still effective for screening. Better out of strong winds. Likes at least part sun to retain cane colour. An excellent statement plant.

Golden crookstem bamboo

Phyllostachys aureosulcata. The traditional bamboo look, striking yellow canes against green foliage, giving excellent contrast. Grows to a similar size as the other varieties. Very effective for screening. An attractive bamboo, one of the best varieties potted up as a statement plant. Likes at least part sun to retain cane colour.

Bisset bamboo

Phyllostachys bisettii. A very strong, vigorous bamboo with dense growth. Its green canes against mid green foliage create a very uniformed appearance if used for screening. Along with the yellow groove bamboo, it's the choice for screening. Does well in lower light levels.

Yellow groove bamboo
Phyllostachys aureaVery strong, vigorous bamboo. Excellent for screening and the best choice in windy environments - a very tough, versatile bamboo. Does well in lower light levels. Grows to a similar size as the other varieties.

Green sulcus

Phyllostachys spectablisVery similar in all aspects to the golden crookstem bamboo except for a subtle green stripe or alternate cane sections.

Arrow bamboo

Psuedosasa japonicaThis bamboo is slightly different to the others. It doesn’t grow quite as tall, probably to around 3m, but its large leaves means it's fantastic for screening. Due to its dense growth and dark green leaves, there’s an altogether more lush, tropical feel to this bamboo.

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