About Athelas

Athelas was formed in 2006 its a family run nursery consisting or partners Matt and Sarah and the team - Rob, Hannah, Connor, Ellie and Storm.


We have a passion for the big and bold, statement and character, but we've mellowed a little over time and have been won over by the grace and charm of the more traditional nursery plants. So our range has become a healthy and diverse mix of the usual and unusual, still the big and bold, but also the traditional old favourites too, something we think for everyone.


As you can see we do not sell our plants online but we do have a website where you can buy bamboo which is www.bamboogiant.co.uk. Bamboo out of all our plants deals with the perils of the carrier network, so we are happy to send out bamboo to our customers nationwide.

Happy New Year! Athelas is now closed until January 18th. Please keep safe.

Open to trade and retail

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