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New Olive Bonsai

This beautiful Olive bonsai is amongst some of the new arrivals at the nursery this week.

While on the subject of Olive trees it’s worth a quick mention about plant health regulations. Olive trees are amongst a wide range of trees and shrubs currently under close scrutiny by UK plant health due to Xylella fastidiosa, which is a bacteria found in and around the Mediterranean.

To make sure all our imported plants are free from pests and diseases we have to meet phytosanitary standards in both the country of origin and the UK. This is achieved by inspections prior to export in the country of origin as well as here at Athelas on arrival. Regular routine inspections at the exporting nurseries and here at Athelas are also scheduled throughout the year.

We only import potential host plants from regions in Europe that are certified as free from Xylella.


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