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Hedging season

Hedging season is upon us and we have some great hedging options available including Griselinia, Photinia Red Robin, Portuguese Laurel and many more. Bamboo as always is available up to 3m.

Just a note on planting, many of us locally have clays soils. There are many beautiful gardens on Sussex clay proving what a good planting environment this can be. But some extra preparation of the planting hole will do wonders helping plants establish quickly and for their long term development. Preparation is generally as simple as digging the planting hole half as wide and deep again as needed and mixing organic matter such as compost or top soil in with the excavated soil for backfill.

For aftercare, watering well is essential especially through dry periods to help newly planted trees and shrubs establish quickly. This can be reduced and then stopped as we move in to cooler weather in late Autumn.

**This advice applies just as well to chalky or sandy soils.


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