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Athelas (Ath) – (er) – (lass) is a plant nursery first and foremost rather than just an online plant seller. Its worth making the distinction between the two because as a plant nursery we get to know our plants, and care for our plants bring both knowledge and experience of our plants…


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Its very difficult to buy something as tactile as a plant or pot over the internet, you haven’t seen it, and you don’t know us, so why not see what our customers who have taken the plunge think.


Tree Fern

Tree Ferns – how to

A common problem we hear from our customers is that their Tree Ferns are in poor condition. By far the two most popular symptoms are stunted fronds, or the top of the trunk has shrunk, preventing new fronds from emerging. Watering, every other day and feeding (with a liquid feed) every other week...

Water, water every.. where??

Planting out in the warmer summer months is absolutely fine, but the one thing you must make sure of is watering well after planting. Roots need to establish in to the surrounding soil for a plant to become self sufficient, and this can take upwards of...


The pots are Coming!

Our pots will soon be showing on the website, fear not we have plenty in stock, if you want to know more please give us a call/email or go to our contact page....

Which Bamboo?

Hopefully this will help explain what each bamboo does and for why what and where you would want to use it. Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys.nigra) Very fashionable, the black canes give great contrast with the green leaves. It grows at a similar rate, to a similar size (up to...


Boring Bougainvillea

Our Bougainvillea from April onwards flower constantly well in to Autumn it really is very monotonous. You do need to over-winter Bougainvillea indoors and give them a bit of a rest from all that flowering. They are best kept in a conservatory or any bright, open indoor space,...