• Acer leaf spot

    Acers especially the varieties with feathery, lacy foliage always benefit from a sheltered spot in the garden. But sheltered spots with poor air flow can also be wonderfully kind to mould and fungal infections. If you start to see your Acer leaves with similar discolouration to that shown in the image you are looking at downy mildew. It’s nothing too serious but it should be treated with a broad spectrum fungicide which will be available from any garden centre....

  • August – Jobs to do

    August is supposedly one of the hottest months of the year therefore making watering essential.  This is especially important for potted plants. Drying out is by far the most common cause of plants losing condition this time of year. Keep your Camellias & Rhododendrons well watered at this time of year as that will help to ensure that next year’s buds develop well. Prune wisteria and shrubs after flowering. Also lavenders and hebes can be given a light prune after flowering. Missing this prune will......

  • Beautiful Bougainvillea on Sale

    The ever flamboyant tropical climber now just £25, while stocks last.  See here    ...

  • Boring Bougainvillea

    Our Bougainvillea from April onwards flower constantly well in to Autumn it really is very monotonous. You do need to over-winter Bougainvillea indoors and give them a bit of a rest from all that flowering. They are best kept in a conservatory or any bright, open indoor space, keeping watering to a minimum so only give them water as the compost is obviously getting dry or the leaves start to wilt.  Try to avoid temperature change when bringing them in and taking them back out......

  • Cactus Heaven

    Cactus are available, still to be listed on the website, we just can’t quite work out how to ship them, but if cactus is you thing please get in touch....

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