Spring is upon us??

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Well depending on where you are and how you look at these things Spring is in the air. It’s time to scrape the ice from the window and peer out in to the garden wilderness to see what needs doing. Here are a few little tips to get you back in to the mood.

  • If it’s dry enough, and you can’t find anyone to do it for you, you should really think about mowing your lawn. Give it a good rake over first to remove any debris from winter. For the first few cuts use the mower on a higher setting and If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear after winter consider using a spring feed.
  • March is a good time to divide and replant perennials if they have grown into overgrown clumps.
  • Weed borders and put a thick layer of mulch around existing plants, this will condition the soil, keep moisture in and help to reduce the need for weeding later on in the season.
  • Keep an eye on frosts in your area as they can still be hazardous. Vulnerable plants and pots still need to be protected, especially at night and continue to support exposed plants from the wind.
  • Remove any dead growth from perennials and ornamental grasses being careful not to damage new growth.
  • Give azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and pieris a good feed with ericaceous plant food.
  • Beware of slugs this time of year, they love all your hard-earned new growth!

….or you could stay indoors, make a nice cup of tea and read a good book, or see what’s on the TV.

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