Red Banana Winter care

For a tropical, exotic plant there are few better at making an impression then the Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelli’ or Red Banana. But this time of year you need to consider how best to protect this half hardy perennial from the approaching cold weather. So before the first frosts arrives here’s what to do.

It’s nice and easy for the smaller potted plants they can be brought inside a greenhouse or conservatory and enjoyed as a houseplant over winter, before being returned to the great outdoors once the last frosts have passed.

For the larger planted out Ensete, it’s best to lift them and then cut them back to a stump. Then, and this is an important bit, turn them upside down for a while to drain, this helps prevent rot. Lastly store in a cool dry place over winter.

Come Spring new growth will appear once planted out in rich soil.

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