Protecting your planters and pots over Winter

 In Athelas Plants

During the winter months, just like less hardy plants, some pots and planters can suffer in cold temperatures. Ceramic and terracotta pots are porous and are likely to crack from freezing and thawing unless they have been treated to make them frost proof. After they have been emptied and cleaned, they can be moved to a frost-free place such as a garage or shed, but if this isn’t possible you can wrap them in bubble wrap or hessian. Raising them off the ground is also a good idea if they aren’t too heavy to lift and you can also group a number of pots together against a house or wall for better insulation. Non-porous pots and planters made from materials such as cast iron, wood and fibreglass can be left outside over winter. Some plastics can also remain outside but it’s still a good idea to cover them as the winter sun can cause them to fade and become brittle if they aren’t made from a UV resistant material.

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