Yucca gloriosa


Spanish Dagger

A handsome architectural yucca plant. Ideal for dry sunny borders and gardens by the sea. The Spanish Dagger makes an impressive thick-stemmed plant, rarely branching and crowned with a thick clump of sharp-pointed leaves. Looks excellent in a pot for the patio. As with all arid plants, free-draining soil is essential.

  • Situation: Full sun, well-drained soil
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Grows to: 2m x 2m


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Just about all arid plants are very low fuss plants that have fairly simple requirements. The most fundamental of these is that the medium in which they are grown in has excellent drainage.

For nearly all arid plants the techniques for planting are the same, with the major emphasis on good drainage. This will help to insure that roots do not rot in cold and damp conditions. If the soil is not well draining, consider improving the soil structure or at least planting in a raised bed. There is no need to backfill with additional fertiliser as these plants rarely need feeding in open ground.

Arid plants in nearly all cases are succulent and are able to store water for future use. They should not be overwatered, especially in the cooler months. Cool, damp soil is an excellent host for diseases and rotting.

Be aware, although these plants are very drought tolerant, plants in containers do need additional water, especially in dry periods, due to the excellent drainage capacity of the compost when in containers. All plants can be placed in full sun.

To recap, plant in a well draining environment, water very rarely, but more so if potted. Position in full sun.