Scaly Male Fern



Dryopteris affinis’Crispa Gracilis’

A deciduous fern, with delicate golden triangular-shaped fronds which maintain a fantastic bright clean colour throughout the growing season. In milder areas of the UK this fern will stay evergreen.

  • Situation: Part sun to shade in moist soils
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Grows to: 1m x 1m
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Additional Information

With their beautiful lacy fronds in many shades of green, ferns add new shape, foliage, contrast and texture to a planting area. We offer a selection of tree ferns for sale, suitable for a range of conditions. Whether grown in pots in a courtyard, used to edge a woodland area or massed beside a water feature, they are among the best foliage plants for softening the lines of hard landscaping, creating a cool atmosphere or enhancing an exotic effect.

Most ferns dislike deep shade and are at best in dappled sun to full sun, but all will appreciate shelter from cold winds.

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