Grevillea Robyn Gordon



A truly prolific flowering Grevillea. Keep in a sunny spot during the growing season and then move to a sheltered spot for winter. This variety can flower through the entire growing season from May to September.

  • Situation: In a pot in full sun
  • Hardiness: Half hardy
  • Grows to: 80cm tall to 60cm
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The Grevillea Robyn Gordon is known to flower almost constantly throughout the year. During any lapse in flowering, prune the plant lightly to keep in good shape. As with all Grevillea, few are very hardy and Grevillea Robyn Gordon is no exception. Grevillea Robyn Gordon is perfect planted in a container and enjoyed in a sunny spot on a deck or patio throughout the growing season, and then brought into a conservatory for the colder months.

Grevillea do best in the hands of the neglectful gardener, so feed only occasionally and certainly do not over-water. For a truly spectacular and unique flower, that flowers for long periods, few can out-do Grevillea Robyn Gordon.