Grevillea johnsonii


Johnson’s Grevillea

A beautiful, graceful Austrailan evergreen, Grevillea johnsonii is one of the most floriferous of all Grevillea, flowering through long periods throughout the growing season.

  • Situation: In a pot, full sun
  • Hardiness: Half Hardy
  • Grows to: 1.2m x 0.8m

As Grevillea johnsonii is not fully hardy, it makes an excellent potted plant, positioned in full sun throughout the warmer months and then placed into a conservatory or greenhouse for winter.

Very little care is needed for any Grevillea, and Grevillea johnsonii is no exception. Occasional watering and feeding throughout the growing season is all that is needed, but, ideally look to dead-head after flowering to help promote shape and further flowering

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