Fig Tree


Ficus carica

This deciduous small tree is simple to grow and produces a tasty crop of fruit every year.

  • Situation: Full to part sun, well-drained soil
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Grows to: 2m tall by 1.6m


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A Fig Tree requires well-drained soil and ideally full sun to ensure it flourishes and produces a good quality crop. The Fig Tree does benefit from a sheltered spot but it is surprisingly tough and can tolerate some pretty exposed conditions.

Caring for a Fig Tree comes down to watering, feeding and pruning. Look to water the Fig Tree regularly through dry hot spells, especially if potted ,but do not leave waterlogged.

An application of liquid feed every two to four weeks through the growing season is also advised to help encourage a good crop and keep healthy foliage.

Pruning is important for a Fig Tree to retain a good open shelf to ensure healthy fruits. Cut back a third of the main branches in winter when dormant and trim back any secondary branches that are running along the same lines as the main branches. Without getting too complicated, look to create a rounded yet open crown for your Fig Tree. Also in most cases don’t let the Fig Tree get more than a couple of metres tall as this will make it difficult to harvest the figs.

Following these simple steps should ensure that an abundant crop of figs can be picked from around August to September.

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