Fatsia japonica


Castor Oil Plant or Japanese aralia

A hardy evergreen shrub, great for adding a tropical feel, with it’s big lush glossy green leaves. Very versatile does well in any environment.

  • Situation: Most conditions
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Grows to: 2m tall by 2m


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What makes the Fatsia japonica stand out as such an effective shrub is its versatility. Fatsia is very happy in just about any location indoors or out. Indoors it is frequently used because it does so well in poorly lit spaces, whereas most indoor plants require better light levels. Outdoors the Fatsia again proves its versatility residing happily in dark shady corners or in exposed, sunny and even windy situations.

Fatsia japonica is really one of the few evergreen shrubs that can offer a year round tropical presence with its big glossy-leaved tropical foliage. The fact that the Fatsia can tolerate shady situations and is evergreen really does make this plant invaluable, as so few evergreen shrubs can thrive in this role.

Throughout the growing season give Fatsia japonica plenty of water and fertilizer to really encourage its growth rate and vigour. Fatsia japonica is hardy but can pick up foliage damage in winter in the colder parts of the UK. The damaged foliage can be removed in spring, allowing for vigorous regrowth.

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