Dicksonia Antartica


Tree Fern

One of the most handsome and impressive architectural plants. A very slow growing fern with its trunk only growing perhaps 2cm a year. To keep the fronds in their perfect condition keep out of strong winds.

  • Situation: Part sun to shade, in moist rich soils
  • Hardiness: Hardy (see more in additional info below)
  • Grows to: 4m (but very slowly)
  • Sizes quoted: Are trunk only. Does not include fronds


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The tree fern is a very, very slow growing plant, but correct watering and feeding will go along way to encourage the growth rate, and produce a handsome set of fronds. The key to feeding and watering a tree fern is that the vast percentage of the nutrient and moisture uptake for the fern is through its crown.

Throughout the growing season (April – September) water on a regular basis through the crown and importantly apply a liquid feed via the crown every 2-3 weeks. Feeding tree ferns is really important; not only will this feed encourage healthy strong fronds for the current seasons, but it will also nourish next season’s fronds too.

For protection in winter, tree ferns are generally hardy; up to around minus 80 degrees C. Up to the this temperature, really no protection will be necessary. In most cases the fronds will lose condition and die, but they will happily regrow the following spring. For colder temperatures, place a bundle of horticultural fleece in the crown of the tree fern. This will offer insulation from frosts and snow throughout winter. Some can go to far more involved processes of protection including chicken wire framework and straw, but only in the very coldest areas will this be necessary.