Cyathea cooperi


Lacy Tree Fern

A stunning, graceful tree fern native to Australia, Cyathea cooperi is the most attractive of the Cyathea tree ferns, although it is less hardy than Cyathea australis.

  • Situation: Most light levels in moist, rich soil
  • Hardiness: Half hardy
  • Grows to: 2m +

In comparision to the more well-known tree fern Dicksonia antartica, Cyathea cooperi is faster growing. It will lose its fronds earlier in winter but will be quicker in spring to produce new fronds. These fronds are generally larger than that of the Dicksonia antartica.

Cyathea cooperi will cope better in more open, sunny, drier conditions. This is fairly rare for tree ferns, which usually demand plenty of shade.

For a happy, vigorous Cyathea cooperi, grow in moist, rich soils. Cyathea cooperi will respond well to organic fertilizers and well-rotted animal manures.

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With their beautiful lacy fronds in many shades of green, ferns add new shape, foliage, contrast and texture to a planting area. We offer a selection of tree ferns for sale, suitable for a range of conditions. Whether grown in pots in a courtyard, used to edge a woodland area or massed beside a water feature, they are among the best foliage plants for softening the lines of hard landscaping, creating a cool atmosphere or enhancing an exotic effect.

Most ferns dislike deep shade and are at best in dappled sun to full sun, but all will appreciate shelter from cold winds.