Trachycarpus fortunei


Chusan Palm

A very hardy fan palm with large fan-shaped glossy green leaves giving a very tropical appearance. Due to the large leaf size its best kept sheltered from very strong winds.

  • Situation: Full to part sun, well-drained moist soil
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Grows to: 5m tall by 2m
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Although the Chusan palm is hardy in just about all situations, its foliage does lose condition when planted out in really exposed environments. If Trachycarpus fortunei is potted it will really benefit from a monthly feed throughout the growing season to add richness and vigour to the foliage.  As with all potted palms make sure it is kept moist throughout dry spells.

Palm trees can bring a Mediterranean or tropical feel to gardens and indoor spaces alike. Despite their prominence in hotter climates, palm trees are very hardy plants that are easy to care for and which can thrive in the British climate. At Athelas Plants, we understand that it’s nice to have something a bit unusual in your garden and that’s why we have a fabulous collection of hardy palm trees and indoor palm trees for sale.