Brahea armata


Blue Hesper Palm

A distinctive palm with silvery fan-shaped leaves. It’s striking foliage is very good at offering contrast amongst other palms.  Full sun will help the Hesper palm keep it’s striking foliage colour.

  • Situation: Full or part sun, well drained soil is important
  • Hardiness: Hardy (see more info)
  • Grows to: 3m tall by 2m
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The Hesper palm is, as with most palm trees, fairly low maintenance. Look to keep the plant moist (but not waterlogged) through the growing season (this is especially important if potted) and apply a liquid feed monthly throughout this period to promote strong healthy fronds.

The Hesper palm is hardy in most parts of the UK, but it would benefit from protection in very cold winters. Good drainage is very important.

Palm trees can bring a Mediterranean or tropical feel to gardens and indoor spaces alike. Despite their prominence in hotter climates, palm trees are very hardy plants that are easy to care for and which can thrive in the British climate. At Athelas Plants, we understand that it’s nice to have something a bit unusual in your garden and that’s why we have a fabulous collection of hardy palm trees and indoor palm trees for sale.