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Winter is Coming!

Frosts it seems are on the horizon, so time to think about protecting your tree ferns. It's not essential to wrap them in our local area and I think most of our customers do not, but it's worth considering just incase we have a really cold winter.

There are many approaches on how to get this done but the key is to insulate the crown. You can do this by leaving the fronds on and gently packing out the crown with hessian or fleece, or alternatively you can cut the fronds down to 20cm from their base and then use the fronds themselves to pack out the crown.

Both of these methods work well because they insulate but allow airflow too. Some will wrap the whole trunk in hessian or even bubble-wrap, I'm not quite sure in this part of the world if that isn't overkill although equally I don't think it will do any harm.

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