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The Tree Ferns Are Here!

As always they are fairly limited in number from a 1ft trunk up to a 6ft trunk. They are premium quality, the first picks based not just on height but overall girth too.

We have been doing a fair amount of research in to making sure our supply is environmentally sensitive. This is the assurance we have from our supplier in Tasmania:

Tasmania has a rotating 5-year forestry plan in place, and our ferns are taken from areas of plantation which are due to be logged, so no plants have been torn from the wild bush. Our harvesting teams abide by strict rules with all the correct permits and plant tags (the forestry tags will still be attached to your plants when you receive them). Harvesting plants without these permits and without tagging them is a jailable offence in Tasmania.

The areas in which the logging takes place are operated on a 50 year cycle and prior to our team entering the bush, seed collectors will work to ensure the diversity of each block is maintained between logging cycles. Once they have completed their work, our teams go in to rescue as many ferns as we can (they are of no use to the logging firms). Once our harvesting and the following logging is complete, the areas are re-seeded by helicopter and the 50 year cycle begins again. Of the 3,390,000 hectares of forest in Tasmania, only 0.004%) is given over to logging on any given year.


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