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Sweet, Sweet Pea

To our many customers who have enjoyed the flowering delights of the Sweet Pea Bush (Polygala) and who might well be wondering how to look after this beautiful perennial over winter, read on.

Well as with most things there is no right answer in terms of protection, much depends on the severity of the winter. If your Sweet Pea bush is potted try to move it to the most sheltered part of the garden ideally up against the house, this should offer reasonable protection from the worst of the winter winds, frosts and snow.

If your Sweet Pea bush is planted out, hopefully you remembered to provide a well-drained environment, this above all else will help to keep the Sweet Pea in good shape through the colder months.

The last three winters have been quite mild and haven’t really troubled the Sweet Pea Bush especially here in the South of the UK, but if we do see a very cold winter, wrapping the Sweet Pea bush in hessian or fleece would certainly be beneficial.

Come Spring give the Sweet Pea bush a light prune to keep its rounded shaped and prevent a woody habit.


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