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Olives - what to do

If you’re lucky enough to have olives on your tree this year you’ll probably find that they are too bitter to eat, there is a simple cure for this, and that is…. curing.

There are lots of different methods for curing but a simple way is making brine.

Once you have picked your olives give them a good rinse in cold water then cut two deep vertical slits in each olive. Place the olives in a large bowl and put aside. Measure 4 cups of distilled water and dissolve ¼ cup of salt into it.

Pour the mixture over the olives making sure they are completely covered, then place a plate over them to keep them under the brine, you might need to place something heavier on top of the plate to keep it in place. Let the olives soak in the brine for about a week but stir them every other day.

At the end of the week drain the olives then repeat the brine process for another week, try one and if they are too bitter for your liking continue the process until you are happy with the taste.

Store your olives in airtight glass jars in fresh brine, they can last up to two months in the fridge or three weeks at room temperature.

If you fancy being creative you can add various items to the mix such as crushed peppers, bay leaves, oregano or dried basil. Enjoy!


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