Here you can find an overview of our stock, to hopefully give you a sense of what you might find if you visit. For a more comprehensive list see here

Palm trees, Cordylines

For statement and structure nothing does better, always very good coastal plants. Our stock will nearly always include Phoenix Palms, Fan Palms, Jelly Palms, Chusan Palms and Cordylines.


Well the great divider of opinions, nothing screens quicker or better than bamboo. We have plenty of varieties some that spread and some that does not. We also sell root barrier too, just incase.

Arid Plants

Yuccas, Daslyrions and agaves, beware - spikey!! Fantastic architectural value, love the sun and must be well-drained. Very hardy very very low maintenance


A favourite, graceful and so variable in shape form colour and texture. A healthy range of varieties and sizes are usually available.

Olive Trees

Classic Mediterranean tree, available as mature trees, half standards and small shrubs.


The saviours of the shady environment, wonderful forms and textures from the graceful ground covering ferns to the imposing Dicksonia tree ferns

Herbaceous perennials

Well a huge group of plants but so effective and giving bursts of colour and interest. From spring through summer there is always a wide range available.


Late spring sees our cacti arrive from central spain, the cowboy cactus, opuntia and barrel cactus are always favourites.


A renaissance for ornamental grasses, a rightfully so. So underused and so effective a softening spaces and giving interest to spaces where other plants struggle. Very useful in exposed environments.


We love the tropical plants, Banana, Ensete, Canna, Gingers, Taro and Giant Taro and nearly always available from late Spring.


Our evergreen shrubs are divided in to the two groups, the practical good for giving coverage or hedging such as Laurel, Beech, Eleagnus, Box and Ligustrum and the flowering evergreens, Bottlebrush, Oleander, Polygala, Tea tree, Loropetalum, shrubs which flower on and on.​

Fun Impulse buys

Generally available from late spring until Autumn we can never resist the colour and flamboyance of Bougainvillea, Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Mandevilla, they flower forever and bring such vivid colours

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