Grevillea Plant Care

Grevilleas are evergreen plants of the Proteaceae family and are native to Australia. Grevillea have excellent ornamental value, displaying attractive needle-like to fern-like foliage and distinctive bright ‘spidery’ flowers. Grevillea flower profusely and most flower for very long periods.

We have some great tips on grevillea plant care below to help you with growing healthy plants.

Where to plant grevillea plants
Plant grevilleas in a fairly sheltered, sunny position with light, free-draining soil that is low in phosphates and ideally slightly acidic. If the soil conditions do not meet these criteria, nearly all grevilleas do make exceptional container subjects.

Grevillea plant frost tolerance
Grevillea can be prone to frost damage and could only be described as ‘fairly hardy’. In areas of more than moderate frost, winter protection may be necessary. Planting is best done in spring to allow the plant to establish well before winter. Hardiness does improve with age.

Watering grevillea plants
Although drought tolerant once established, they flower more freely and the foliage is healthier with occasional deep watering.

Feeding grevillea plants
Like many members of the Proteaceae family, grevilleas are phosphorus intolerant and should be fed only with low-phosphorus fertilisers in slow release form or not at all. In nearly all cases, grevilleas are very light feeders. These plants are very low maintenance and can be killed with kindness. In the case of grevilleas, less is definitely more.

Pruning grevillea plants
Many grevillea respond very well to pruning after flowering. Pruning is strongly recommended to help keep good form; this will help produce lots more flowers too.

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