Bottlebrush Plant Care

Bottlebrush is actually the common name applied to several Australian genera, such as Banksia, Melaleauca, Calothamnus, but is most truly applied to the genus Callistemon. Bottlebrush plant care is a fairly simple task and can help your plant grow healthy and full of colour.

For exuberant, colourful flowers that are the epitome of Australian flora, Callistemon make an excellent choice. This genus of evergreen shrub is usually thought of as having bright red flowers, but plants are available with white, yellow, pink, purple or even green flowers. Mostly they are shrubby, arching plants; some are small trees in the wild, while others are suitable as ground cover. Most are very content and make an excellent focal point in a container.

Where to grow Bottlebrush plants
Callistemon are generally unfussy, but do plant in full sun to fulfill its full flowering potential. Its only other requirement is that the soil is well drained, but moist and not overly alkaline.

Pruning Bottlebrush plants
The tip is to prune when young, and best practice is to prune after flowering by removing spent flower spikes. Old woody plants can be pruned hard, and this is best carried out in spring, and should be followed by an application of a general fertilizer.

Feeding Bottlebrush plants
Feeding with a general fertilizer will be sufficient and with most Australian genera do not overfeed; in fact, Callistemon planted in open ground may well not need any additional feed.

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