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If you are considering buying a Cordyline, here are a few points to help you make the right decision. 

What's a Cordyline

A Cordyline is an evergreen Australian tree (not a palm tree). Cordylines come in many different varieties, but only the green Cordyline australis can really be considered hardy. The Cordyline Redstar is striking and colourful but will need winter protection. Only the Green Cordyline Australis is generally considered reliable.

Cordyline australis is also known as Cabbage Palm or Torbay Palm.


Why Choose a Cordyline

-You need some height, structure and impact, and you don't want to wait 20 years for it - Cordylines grow very quickly.

-You are looking to create a palm-like setting, a Mediterranean setting, an Australian setting or a general exotic feel, Cordylines are very flexible in appearance and work well in many different planting schemes.

-You would like a big plant that can cope with coastal conditions or very exposed conditions. Green non-variagated Cordyline australis can cope better than nearly anything else in very severe environments.

-You would like a big bold feature plant.


Why choose a Cordyline from Athelas Plants

 At Athelas, we really know our plants. We don't stock thousands and thousands of varieties, we stick to a chosen few and really get to know them. That means we can offer you the advice you need. An offshoot of this focus is that we work very closely with our growers and at all stages of plant growth giving you the best quality Cordylines at the very best prices.


Where to plant Cordylines

-Cordylines like a sunny spot. They can cope with part-sun but the more sun, the better. 

-Cordylines are excellent in the wind.

-Make sure the soil is well-drained. The biggest killer of Cordylines is water-logged winter soils.


Other Info for Cordylines

The winter of 09/10 was the coldest in 47 years. Cordylines in the colder parts of the UK didn't like the prolonged periods of heavy snow and many were damaged or killed. Try to keep the Cordyline free from prolonged snow if possible.

You can't really prune a Cordyline. They will get big and tall and that’s it. The only thing you can do is to remove the old leaves. 

Cordylines are very low maintenance and, once established, no additional feeding or watering will be necessary unless potted.

Cordyline australis has a beautiful show of white flowers mid-summer after this trunk division usually occurs.

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