Dicksonia Antarctica

Tree ferns have finally arrived at the nursery and they are just about to burst into life, all they need now is plenty of water and some warm days. Tree ferns are very much shade lovers and anyone who wants big lush plants have to have one of these in there garden. They are probably the most stunning plant and are only one of a very few plants which date back to the dinosaur era. These plants can be grown in any garden in any soil and as most of the roots are inside the trunk you should water them from the top into the trunk. In winter, just stick some fleece in top centre of trunk, don’t cut off the fronds and wrap the trunk as there is no need, the fronds will stay lush and green all through winter if they are sheltered from strong winds. In the growing season feed with tree fern feed (which you can buy from us) every two weeks and keep well moist and you will truly have a beautiful plant.

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